Co-Production Showcase: QUIRIN BANK - Redefining Financial Commercials

At Sparkling Eye Production, we had the pleasure of breaking the mold of traditional financial commercials. We co-produced with JO!SCHMID Film Production Berlin for QUIRIN BANK.

QUIRIN BANK isn't your typical bank, and this project aimed to highlight their unique approach to finance. They believe in making financial decisions straightforward and accessible to everyone.

The Result:

The QUIRIN BANK commercial is a departure from the ordinary. It combines the traditional with the unexpected, creating an exciting and fresh narrative that resonates with viewers. By weaving inner thoughts about finance into the storytelling, we've made a complex subject relatable and approachable.

It encourages viewers to take the first step in addressing their financial worries by reaching out to QUIRIN BANK for guidance.

Why This Project Matters:

This project is not just a commercial; it's a statement. It's a declaration that finance doesn't have to be intimidating, and there's help available for those who have questions or concerns.

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