Co-Production Project Showcase - "Move On"

In 2012, Sparkling Eye Productions collaborated with JO!SCHMID Film Production Berlin to produce "Move On," an international film project directed by Asger Leth for Deutsche Telekom. The film featured renowned actor Mads Mikkelsen and depicted an agent's voyage through eight European countries as he evaded pursuers while delivering a mysterious silver suitcase.

The film garnered significant acclaim and received numerous awards, including EUROBEST (2 x Bronze), NEW MEDIA AWARD (1 x Bronze), ADC (1 x Silver, 2 x Award), SPOTLIGHT FESTIVAL (1 x Silver), WEBBY (Winner), ONE SHOW (1 x Silver), and a Shortlist mention at CANNES LIONS. Additionally, it received recognition at EURO EFFIE (1 x Bronze) and earned an IPA EFFECTIVENESS AWARD (1 x Silver).

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