Service Production Project Showcase: GORETEX - Elevating Your Adventures in Outerwear for Bubbles Film, Berlin

This captivating journey takes you into the world of outerwear, where GORETEX product technologies have long been revered as the gold standard for waterproofing. The product range is about more than just staying dry; it's about enhancing your adventures in every way imaginable.

Exploring the Unseen

In this Service Production for "GORETEX," we follow the talented photographer Jennifer Bin as she navigates a rainy day in pursuit of the perfect shot.

Unveiling the Extraordinary

"GORETEX" showcases the extraordinary. As the rain falls, outerwear shines. The wet streets of the city become a canvas, with vibrant colors and reflections brought to life by Jennifer's keen eye. Each shot is a expression blending fashion, function and innovation.

Service Production - Project Showcase: PeopleStories

Join us as we follow the incredible journey of Jennifer Bin on a quest to capture the spectacular angles of a city that hides its secrets well.

Chasing the Unseen

In this 30-second masterpiece, we follow Jennifer as she tirelessly seeks the unseen angles of the city. Through her lens, we discover the hidden treasures concealed within the urban labyrinth, where every turn reveals a new world waiting to be unveiled.

Climbing to New Heights

Jennifer doesn't just photograph her subjects; she climbs, she explores, she ventures into secret passages that most overlook. Her determination and passion lead her on a daring ascent to heights where the air is crisp, the cityscape expansive, and the possibilities endless.

A Rooftop Revelation

The journey reaches its zenith as Jennifer ascends to a breathtaking rooftop. Here, the wind whistles through her hair, but her demeanor remains strong and confident. It's a moment of triumph, where her dedication to her craft and the city's secrets converge to create art.

Bangkok's Breathtaking Uniqueness

The 30-second journey concludes with a panoramic view of Bangkok that will leave you breathless. As Jennifer gazes upon the sprawling cityscape, we're reminded that adventures exists in the unexpected, and the city holds secrets waiting to be discovered.

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