Project Showcase: Eight Inc.'s Design of Shimano Cycling World

At Sparkling Eye Productions, we believe in the transformative power of storytelling through visuals. Our commitment to crafting engaging narratives comes to life in our collaboration with Eight Inc. – a dynamic creative collective dedicated to redefining the boundaries of design.

About Eight Inc.

Eight Inc. is more than a collective; it's a driving force shaping human progress through innovative design. They partner with companies to unlock the true potential of design, creating value that transcends aesthetics. The founder of Eight Inc., Tim Kobe, has been called “Apple’s best kept secret” and has worked with Apple's late founder Steve Jobs to design the first flagship store in New York, 5th Ave.

The Shimano Cycling World: Where Design Meets Functionality

For this exciting project, we embarked on a journey to capture the essence of Shimano Cycling World. As Steve Jobs wisely stated, "Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works." In this spirit, we set out to showcase how Shimano seamlessly blends form and function in the world of cycling.

The Video: A Visual Odyssey

Our video takes you on an immersive journey through Shimano Cycling World, where every detail matters, and every innovation is designed to enhance the cycling experience. From cutting-edge design to precision engineering, we've captured it all.

Experience the Shimano Difference

Step into the world where design is the driving force behind progress. Watch our video, and let Shimano Cycling World inspire you to explore new horizons on two wheels.

At Sparkling Eye Productions, we're proud to have partnered with Eight Inc. to bring this vision to life. Together, we've demonstrated that design is not just about appearances; it's about how it works and the impact it creates.

Discover the Shimano Cycling World through our lens, and witness the seamless fusion of design and functionality that defines a new era of cycling excellence.

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